Nous avons le plaisir de vous inviter à la 51ème séance du séminaire Management de l'Innovation : Théories et Pratiques

« International innovation networks - Knowledge connectivity in a videogame company and embedded computer vision industry »

Prof. Ram Mudambi, Fox School of Business, Temple University
Mrs. Catherine Seys, Directeur de projets au Strategic Innovation Lab, Ubisoft

Jeudi 9 juin 2016 de 17h à 19h à Mines ParisTech - 60 Bd Saint-Michel 75006 Paris

Inscription ici ou par retour de mail auprès de Laurence Gillier :

Global innovation systems are becoming ever more complex and nurtured by intense interactions. However MNEs continue to drive global knowledge networks: they undertake global search and locate activities in innovation hotspots. They tend to retain knowledge of the full innovation system while parceling out individual specialized activities to a range of outsourcers, alliances and joint-venture partners and other units within their innovation ecosystem. What is the nature of connections that span geographic, organizational and technological space? What do we know about the conduits through which knowledge travels? What about knowledge connectivity associated with informal networks, especially those made at the project level resulting in fluctuating network from a project to another? In fact, the increasing connectivity between knowledge clusters may yield new forms of relationship that enable knowledge co-creation rather than mere transfer. These are the questions that will be addressed based on the analysis of two cases: one at an industry level and one at a company level.
On the first part of the seminar, Professor Ram Mudambi will provide a holistic understanding of the genesis and growth of an industry at the global level and the relative contribution of personal relationships for ‘de novo’ and ‘de alio’ firms. He will illustrate how serendipitous social connections can underpin formalized organizational pipelines that generate global networks and how in turn, these global networks, anchored in technology and knowledge nodes catalyze the emergence of new industries. He will focus on the case study of the embedded computer vision (ECV) industry.
On the second part, Mrs. Catherine Seys will illustrate how the global network of creative capacities works at Ubisoft, the video game designer firm. She will highlight three types of distribution of these capacities: geographic, organizational and institutional.